Rat Food Is Less Than 1% Deadly Poison

Psalms 140:3, “They have sharpened their tongues like a serpent; adders' poison is under their lips. Selah.”

When you go to Home Depot or a local hardware store, to buy rat food that will kill pesky mice and rats, the food is less than 1% deadly poison. In fact, only about .001% to .005% (one thousandth to five thousandths of the food is actually deadly poison):
Second generation agents are far more toxic than first generation. They are generally applied in lower concentrations in baits—usually on the order of 0.001% to 0.005%—are lethal after a single ingestion of bait and are also effective against strains of rodents that became resistant to first generation anticoagulants; thus, the second generation anticoagulants are sometimes referred to as "superwarfarins". —Wikipedia
That means the manufacturer of the rat food, took one thousand pounds of wholesome healthy food, and mixed into it only one to five pounds of poison. Wow, that is some strong poison! I want you to see that even the smallest amount of poison contaminates the whole batch of food! When the pesky rat comes alone, he smells that good food. He doesn't detect the tiny bit of poison that will absolutely kill him! Let's make a spiritual application, shall we?

All across the world today, false preachers are deceiving the masses. Most of what they preach is good wholesome truth, which causes you not to detect their poison. Our text passage of Scripture is very fitting from Psalms 140:3, “They have sharpened their tongues like a serpent; adders' poison is under their lips. Selah.” An adder is a snake. I preach a lot against Neo-evangelicals with their deadly poison of Lordship Salvation. I preach against their deadly poison of the modern Bible revisions. Dr. Steve Pettit (president of Bob Jones University since 2014) teaches BJU's 2,700 students that there's not much difference between the NIV and the King James Bible. Kindly said, Dr. Pettit speaks as a fool! 

You can hear Dr. Pettit's preaching for yourself on 'The Daily Platform' (BJU chapel services). Nearly everything that Dr. Pettit says is good wholesome Bible teaching, just like the rat food that is mostly good food for the rat to eat and digest. Unfortunately, Steve Pettit is not saved, so he preaches the lies of Lordship Salvation (which makes sense to the unregenerate man). It makes sense to the unsaved man that you should have to forsake your sinful bad habits to be saved. But that is not what the inspired Word of God teaches!

Evangelist Ray Comfort is another unsaved religious man, who requires that a man stop fornicating to receive God's free gift of eternal life. Mr. Comfort says God will only save you, “if you'll let go of your sins.” You won't find that teaching anywhere in the Holy Bible! Ray is adding to the Gospel, and in so doing perverting it! The biggest problem I am having as a fundamentalist Baptist Bible preacher, is trying to convince people that the spiritual food they are being fed is killing them, because of the 1% poison in it. 

Pastor John MacArthur is one of the most popular preachers in the world. Tragically, Mr. MacArthur has won the following of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, and Bob Jones University in South Carolina. Consequently, over 5,000 students accumulatively each year are being brainwashed with MacArthur's Calvinist heresies (aka, Lordship Salvation). MBI even admits on their college's website that they have become generally Calvinistic. MBI are liars to claim that Pastor Harry Ironside (1876-1951) changed in his later ministry to a mild Calvinist view. THEY ARE LIARS!!! 

Dr. Ironside simply believed in the perseverance of the Holy Spirit, as I do, but not the perseverance of the saints (as John Calvin, 1509-1564, heretically taught). The heresy of the perseverance of the saints claims that a saint WILL persevere in holiness and a changed life. The Bible says in Titus 2:13 that a saint “SHOULD” live godly in Christ; not MUST (that is works); not WILL (that is Calvinism). Presenting our body as a living sacrifice to the Lord is our “REASONABLE SERVICE” according to Romans 12:1-2, not our MANDATORY SERVICE according to John Calvin and Moody Bible Institute.

If you think I'm splitting hairs, you need to read Matthew 7:21-23:
Matthew 7:21-23, Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”
This is one of the most enlightening, applicable and important passages concerning the issue of Lordship Salvation being taught in tens of thousands of churches today! Jesus even said you don't get saved by following Him as “LORD.” How much clearer could the Bible be that Lordship Salvation is NOT THE WAY! These were devoutly religious people, who committed their lives to following and serving Christ, but Christ rejected them all!!!
“You can live for Christ, you can love Christ, you can serve Him with all your might, time, talent and wealth. You can pray to Him, read your Bible, get water-baptized, join a church, witness to people, and do every wonderful work contained within the realm of Christianity, but if you fail to trust Jesus Christ alone for your salvation, He will “dump” you.” —'I NEVER KNEW YOU' (.pdf), by Michael P. Bowen; by Barbour Books, © 2009; page 77
I have discussed numerous false teachers in this article. All of the men I have mentioned are excellent orators. They say mostly helpful and Biblically accurate things. But its that 1% of rat poison that makes them deadly false prophets! All it takes is a tiny bit of poison to send you to Hell forever. John MacArthur says many brilliant things. Apart from his heresies on repentance, the blood and the Gospel, he is one of the greatest Bible teachers of our time. Unfortunately, it's that tiny amount of rat poison that makes him so dangerous! This is a critically important matter dear friend. Satan is much smarter than me or you! 

The most effective weapon of a false prophet is truth! That is a remarkable statement that I just made, if you understand it. If I wanted to deceive you, I would use truth as a weapon to earn your full trust, and then I would integrate my lies into those truths, to trick you. That is why the Devil only changes key passages in the modern Bible revisions, leaving 98% of it alone. Literally, there is only a 2% difference between the Alexandrian Bible manuscripts and the Textus Receptus (from which our beloved King James Bible was translated). The 2% that was changed is the deadly rat poison that damns men's souls to Hell. The Devil's Bible versions destroy theology! We need an old-fashioned revival in America of using only the King James Bible, and exposing and rejecting the Devil's new Bibles! We need a revival of simply caring! Religious people have become indifferent, complacent and foolish!

I don't care how good of on orator, interesting or how many doctrinally sound things a preacher may say, if he is wrong on repentance and the Gospel, HE CANNOT BE TRUSTED THEOLOGICALLY! False prophets are everywhere today, like Dr. Steve Pettit at Bob Jones University, and 99% of what he says is doctrinally sound, but he is wrong on the gospel. Steve Pettit bids Godspeed to John MacArthur and his heretical ministry! Our churches are in trouble folks! Remember, rat food is less than 1% poison! So before you accept a man as being okay and of God, make sure you check, you go find out, what he believes about the Gospel and the Word of God. Dr. Pettit endorses the Devil's modern Bible revisions, and he teaches Lordship Salvation! Please don't drink the Kool-Aid!

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